Monday, June 7, 2010

Flea Bag Shakedown

The way I see it, that Deepwater Catastrophe was actually a fatal stab to the jugular of this planet. I can almost hear the frantic screams from the depths of our Mother and imagine SHE is not taking this calmly. The pictures I see look more like hemorraging of blood than oil. I have read way too many references to Revelations and those seven vials. Not that I believe that, but it is looking more and more apocolyptic by the day. For the folks whose lives depend on fishing and other ocean and beach related careers, it is the end of their world as they know it. The anger and fury grows by the day as citizens wake up to the realization that Big Business and Government or truly a symbiotic pimp/prostitute enterprise.
Does anyone really know what the purpose of oil in the earth is there for? Is is some kind of vital fluid for the earth much like our own blood plasma? Have we consumed so much of it now, that our living organism we call home is near anemic. Did BP actually rupture an irreparable puncture to a vital organ? Did greed overcome sense this time,drilling a mile beneath the ocean and then 35,000 more feet into the bowels of this 3rd rock from the sun. What does any human understand at those depths? Are we so full of ourselves that we think we can control these unknowable pressures and forces? It appears we may have crossed all known technologies in the quest for the next Saudi Arabia size oil field.
The light at the end of this tunnel is that WE are all in agreement that this epic event is going to change the way we think of cheap oil and maybe just maybe we will demand that sustainable solutions to our energy needs are implemented. Ya think? We shall see. But right now, we are in some unfathomable kimchi and if we do not pull ourselves together, and hoist our butts away from the flatscreens, we are looking at a very prolonged economic downturn that will surely make the 1930's look like the Golden Age.
I have long thought that the Earth is much like a dog and we humans are the fleas. We have infested and overpopulated and are biting and feeding off the host more than Fido can handle. When, not if, the dog shakes itself to bounce those ukus (hawaiian for tiny pest) off its skin where we land is open to speculation. We have been warned over and over again, still we refuse to listen. How long can we continue before the big "Fleabag Shakedown"?